Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Will Happen To Those Cartoons After Next Next Years

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do you still remember the cartoons that used to be our 'idols' when we r still a kid??

Barbie..a beautiful toy ever..(crazy by most of the girls)
Tweety...a cute clever bird with yellow color
Superman...the world superhero
Wonder woman.. the strongest women ever
Spiderman... bitten by spider and can fly with his 'spider wax'

do you ever think what will happen to those of them after next next year later??
due to increases of age, radiation from the nuclear explosion(sensitive issue) and pollutions of the environment...
This is what will happen to them..
credit to Amazing Pics for this brilliant pictures :) 

Barbie's picture when she is 50 years old 

No more cute icon for Tweety..she's already menopause at this time..so many wrinkles

Superman cant save people anymore as he is too old and cant fly because of a 'belly'

She retired and have a rat as her pet
Superman has been warded in the private hospital as his 'spider wax' had turn to 'spider water'

** just for fun,,don sue me (^_^)


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