Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am So in PAddy Life

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***kindergarten kid story***

every day i eat rice..rice is the cooked-paddy..i eat rice with dishes that my mom cooked for me @ i buy from stalls..i live in paddy plantation area; Kepala front of my house, there is a paddy factory; Bernas. it is where all the paddy processes and packages to sell to the consumer..

last time, i had my practical in MARDI Kepala Batas..there, i learned on how to plant paddy @ rice plant..i also knew how to operate the de-husker and polishing machine used to remove the husk and polish it into white color.. i also did the experiment in the lab using all those varieties available..

for my second practical, in Selama Research Centre, i also need to berkubang in the paddy plot..they demonstrated the herbicide spraying and i also experienced get into the plot and do plotting..i am very afraid as i am phobic to leeches.luckily there is no such-a-geli-geli-thing in that sawah..

for my final year project, i planted paddies with different water, then, i observe the physiological changes shown.. i already completed my field project, now im running a hydroponic experiment to see the sustainability of paddy in saline condition..

for this last semester, i choose paddy as my elective subject..last week, we had a seed germination test. we germinated the paddy seeds in petri dish and, we did two experiments on paddy week, we will have a good time berkubang in the sawah with those selut-selut to plant the paddy in the plot. .
i am very life full with PADDY..hope in a very fine day later i may become a Paddy Breeder :) hehehe..


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